January 22, 2021

Bring E-Discovery Hardware In-House for More Control, Flexibility and Improved Results

Today’s e-discovery software platforms are the most powerful and efficient the industry has experienced. With advanced, behind the firewall deployments, customers have the ability to deploy litigation holds, execute full or targeted collections, process 700+ data types, and perform early case assessment and final review from a single integrated solution.

A prerequisite to all this advanced functionality and performance is the hardware necessary to efficiently run the solution. Good news is the barriers to purchasing costly hardware have steadily dropped to about 15-20% of the entire solution. Bad news is that capex budgets are on the downward trend as organizations continue to reduce costs using virtualization technologies as well as simply putting off IT investments amidst economic uncertainty. It is unlikely these trends will change anytime soon.

Nine-times-out-of-ten when I’m discussing behind-the-firewall e-discovery solutions with clients, the first question I get asked isn’t about core feature-functionality, it’s about “hardware requirements” and “virtualization” options. Executives, particularly CFO/CIOs, are pushing IT purchases away from capital expenditures and filing costs as operating expenses to avoid financing requirements and mitigating debt-financing risk. The benefits allow them to effectively intertwine their IT costs into annual opex budgets and position it alongside other core cost-of-sale expenditures. As a result, e-discovery purchases are regarded as essential cost-of-doing business and positions the organization favorably as a business partner rather than a cost center.

In today’s business climate, organizations need solutions flexible to integrate into existing IT infrastructures as well as the ability to scale. AccessData addresses this need and introduces “new” pre-configured E-Discovery appliance models and Managed Services offerings to alleviate the challenges clients are faced with bringing E-Discovery solutions in-house. The expanded solutions and services alleviate hardware costs and implementation, financial and approval cycle challenges.

I.                    Summation Appliance

For law firms, corporations and government entities interested in the industry’s most complete and robust legal review solution, they can now purchase a pre-configured appliance that’s truly plug-n-play ready. (Not Windows 95 PnP, this Windows 8 PnP!) The Summation Appliance is the answer if litigation support teams want the power and functionality of a full featured review platform (Summation ™) in a ready-to-use package.

This offering starts with three unique packages:





Server Configuration



Tier 1


1.2 TB

Single Server, 12  CPUs


Summation Silver Enhanced*

Tier 2


3.01 TB

Single Server, 24 CPUs


Summation Silver Enhanced*

Tier 3


7.2 TB

Single Server, 12 CPUs, 24GB RAM Two Servers , 24 CPUs 32GB Ram Summation Silver Enhanced*

*   Silver Enhanced Support – includes remote implementation, knowledge transfer and access to knowledge base, inside support (phone, email, and chat), ticket submission and automatic tracking with enhanced queue and priority status, 1-yearly complimentary remote upgrade, and hardware support.

At its core the Summation Appliance is intended to alleviate the challenges related to hardware scoping, procurement, delivery and management. In contrast to some providers who offer pay-as-you-go solutions and (or) SaaS solutions with hefty usage charges and throughput fees, the Summation Appliance is owned and operated by the purchaser. The purchaser takes physical ownership and administration for the hardware and software while AccessData covers all the required software and OS updates and supports hardware break/fix needs from the manufacturer. AccessData does not charge usage or throughput fees for any function the user chooses to perform including forensic processing, early case assessment, technology assisted review (TAR) and data visualization, to name a few. Organizations are “all in” after the initial purchase.


II.                  Managed, In-House e-Discovery

For corporations and public sector entities needing more comprehensive coverage from the beginning of the EDRM process, AccessData offers the Managed, In-House e-Discovery Appliance. Clients receive a customized pre-configured server running AccessData’s e-Discovery solution, the industry’s most holistic e-discovery solution, with professional installation behind your firewall as well as on-demand dedicated remote operation and support by AccessData’s expert service team.

Once installed, users immediately benefit from the many advanced features such as litigation hold management, notification and reporting, data identification and preservation, full or targeted collections from structured and unstructured sources, data processing of 700+ data types, final production, as well as web-based early case assessment and final review using integrated Summation. Having access to an embedded web-based review solution allows teams for quick and easy access to relevant data while it’s safely contained behind firewalls.

Hear how our customers are maximizing their e-discovery in-house with AccessData:

 “Since we outsourced to AD’s managed in-house e-discovery suite, we’ve seen all aspects of e-discovery become quick and easy.” Head of Legal Dept., Major Oil and Gas Company

 “I was able to eliminate our e-discovery headaches for less than the cost of hiring an E-Discovery Manager.” GC, Fortune 1000 Manufacturing/Retail Company

There’s more to come in this rapidly evolving legal and litigation support environment. Learn more from our customers and AccessData experts. We’d like to hear from you so drop us a line.

Keith Schrodt

Keith Schrodt is Director of Product Marketing & Strategy for AccessData Group. In this role, he leads the marketing direction and strategic vision for AD’s eDiscovery products and solutions. Keith is also a featured guest speaker on electronic discovery and evidence best practices at industry conferences, bar associations, law firms, corporations, special interests groups and other organizations. Prior to this role, Keith spent eight years as a senior member of AccessData’s Business Development Team, where he led strategic business initiatives and advanced AccessData’s award-winning portfolio of litigation support and eDiscovery solutions across global sales channels. Prior to joining AccessData, Keith held VP positions at two investment banking firms where he specialized in M&A and Commercial Real Estate transactions for multi-billion dollar portfolios. Prior to receiving his law degree, Keith managed a successful sales career for over ten years at leading technology companies including Nortel, Fujitsu, Alcatel, and several private start-ups. He achieved industry awards and recognition for his outstanding sales performance with overall sales totaling in the hundreds of millions. Keith received his E.M.B.A from Southern Methodist University in 2014, his J.D. from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in 2004, and his B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Texas in 1994.

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