October 25, 2020

Top Takeaways from Sedona

I recently attended the Sedona E-Discovery Conference in Houston, E-Discovery in a New Era: New Technologies, New Media, New Rules. At just over eight years into my e-discovery career, I’ve been to a lot of conferences and heard a lot of panels… Read more

Sit Back and Visualize

To learn more about data visualization, join this AccessData-sponsored webinar at EDRM.net live today at 1pm CT or any time afterward as an archived recording. When’s the last time you checked Facebook or Instagram? As I scroll through my feeds,… Read more

Our Support for iBlaze will continue. Period.

Last week, Barry Murphy at eDiscovery Journal wrote a great blog post about how AccessData will continue to support our heritage product iBlaze indefinitely – and we want to comment. You may be wondering, “Now, why is this newsworthy? Isn’t there… Read more

“Mobile is here, and it’s hot.” – Corporate Counsel’s 2013 Tech Survey

Ok, it looks like my work is done here, folks. You’re welcome. All of my posting and journaling and blogging about the threat faced by in-house counsel (and every other kind of counsel) from the BYOD revolution has been proven by a survey! According… Read more

ADUC 2013: Day Three Round-Up and Final Thoughts

Day One    |   Day Two   |  Day Three   So, I’m beginning this post on the runway.  I will likely finish it back home tonight after my daughter goes to sleep. As I look out the window and see the Luxor, Paris, New York, New York… Read more