January 15, 2021

On the Road: Digital Forensics Education Today

During my latest trip on the road I visited with some of AccessData’s clients and several prospective clients, some of which were colleges and universities. It was during my visits with these colleges and universities that I learned just what a… Read more

ILTA 2013: The Future is Here, it is Mobile and it is not yet Secure – but there are Solutions

      Hello, eDiscoveryInsight Readers! This week, we will be treating you to four posts about last week’s ILTA Catalyst 2013.  As your intrepid reporter, I found the entire conference to be well beyond my capacity to… Read more

“Mobile is here, and it’s hot.” – Corporate Counsel’s 2013 Tech Survey

Ok, it looks like my work is done here, folks. You’re welcome. All of my posting and journaling and blogging about the threat faced by in-house counsel (and every other kind of counsel) from the BYOD revolution has been proven by a survey! According… Read more

FTK x Summation: Meet Me at the Crossroads

The eDiscovery market has created an intersection between traditional investigative technologies and methodologies with those in the attorney review arena.  Previously these two segments of the overall eDiscovery process were viewed as wildly… Read more