January 25, 2021

FTK x Summation: Meet Me at the Crossroads

The eDiscovery market has created an intersection between traditional investigative technologies and methodologies with those in the attorney review arena.  Previously these two segments of the overall eDiscovery process were viewed as wildly… Read more

Why are Cyber Attacks on Law Firms Such a Significant Threat?

Over the past several years, coordinated cyber-attacks against regional and global law firms have been on the rise.  In her closing keynote address at LegalTech New York 2013 a few short weeks ago, FBI special agent Mary Galligan warned that “e… Read more

The Evolution of Attorney Review

Discovery continues to evolve, sometimes gradually, sometimes much too quickly. It wasn’t that long ago that discovery involved pulling dusty bankers’ boxes stuffed with client files out of the store room. Lawyers would then wade through reams… Read more

The eDiscovery Arms Race II

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote my original blog post, the eDiscovery Arms Race and Tales from the Trenches.  Since then the competitive landscape has changed.  As predicted there has been consolidation; Symantec acquired Clearwell, HP acquired… Read more

The E-Discovery Arms Race… and Tales from the Trenches

The tagline for this blog is “Candid analysis of the issues, the processes and the technology,” and in that spirit, I’d like to share with you my impressions and personal experiences, as somebody who is in the field talking to customers and… Read more