November 29, 2020

Introducing the Insight Platform™: Enterprise Intelligence Across the Organization

Today AccessData is extremely excited to announce our newest innovation, a creation which realizes our long-term goal of providing a truly comprehensive investigative platform. We are calling it the InSight Platform, a name meant to convey the… Read more

The End of the Forensics/E-Discovery Divide

I can’t tell how many times I’ve heard professionals in the e-discovery and/or forensics field talk about the extreme differences between e-discovery and forensics. If they’re forensics experts, they talk about the bag of complex tools they… Read more

Introducing Our InfoSecInsight Blog: A New Perspective

Written by Tim Leehealey on our new blog about digital investigation, cyber security, and the surrounding issues, processes, and techonology: “As the first article on our newly introduced security blog “InfoSecInsight”, I thought I would take… Read more

Will the Real Autonomy Please Step Forward?

Before I begin the process of effectively piling on to what is obviously a very unfortunate situation, I want to say a few things about HP in general. Despite all the negative things I have seen in the press over the last few years regarding HP,… Read more

The Machine Learning/Predictive Coding Silver Bullet

It is my great hope that the title of this blog oozes sarcasm, but my fear is that it does not. The e-discovery market is definitely not immune to the overzealous efforts of marketing departments, and that dynamic is on full display with the… Read more

Preparation = Confidence = Victory

I both love and hate it when AccessData gets to eat its own dog food. I love it because I think we sell superior products and I like to show our customers that we can utilize them to produce superior results. I hate it for the obvious reason: that… Read more

The Symantec Clearwell Acquisition: One Year Later

So did anyone else catch what Symantec said about its Clearwell business on its quarterly conference call a couple of weeks ago? On that call Symantec revealed that for the first quarter of 2012  Clearwell business generated $13 million of revenue… Read more

E-Discovery is About Trust and Transparency

It should come as no surprise to anyone that e-discovery is more than anything about trust and transparency. Because the results of any collection or review are likely to end up in court, it is paramount that customers both understand the way a… Read more

Thoughts on the Guidance/CaseCentral Merger

Guidance Software recently announced the acquisition of the hosted e-discovery provider CaseCentral for $17.1 million. While I would be the first to point out that commenting on the likely success or failure of any acquisition a few days after the… Read more

The Best Disinfectant is Sunshine

I never expected my competition to do me any favors. The e-discovery market is fairly cut-throat and I am not looking for anything more than an honest, level playing field – even if the play is rough. That said, I believe my competitive brethren at… Read more