December 1, 2020

SummationPro and Paper Document Handling, Practical Tips and Tricks

Hello again people of the E-Discovery Insight world! As always, I try to give you folks practical tips that are aimed at making attorneys’, paralegals’, and lit support specialists’ everyday lives easier. My blog post for today may actually be… Read more

Gettin’ Jiggy With It: Your Review Layouts

Sorry for the bad title but who doesn’t like Will Smith??  Okay, “jiggy” might not be the best word, but I do think you can certainly get extremely creative with your layouts in SummationPro.  I have personally been using this tool pretty much all… Read more

Cluster Analysis 101 – Or, “This is Not Your Mom’s Summation”

If you haven’t noticed yet I tend to address most of my blog posts to the IBlaze crowd; the tireless paralegals and lit-support staffers working in the law firm trenches. That’s because I feel most comfortable talking to that group since I used to… Read more

Are You Guilty of Spoliation of E-Discovery Evidence?

My name is Scott Lefton and I’m a spoliator… And you might be too… For those of you who might not know what “spoliation” is, here’s one definition: – Spoliation of evidence From Wikipedia Spoliation of evidence is the intentional or… Read more

New Summation Hardware & Architecture

For those of you who don’t know me, I should probably start with a quick introduction.  My name is Scott Lefton and I’m Sales Engineer with AccessData.  For almost 10 years I’ve been in Litigation Support, some folks call me a “Summation… Read more