January 15, 2021

On the Road: Digital Forensics Education Today

During my latest trip on the road I visited with some of AccessData’s clients and several prospective clients, some of which were colleges and universities. It was during my visits with these colleges and universities that I learned just what a… Read more

Cyber Security is Not a Game

  Ok, so what do Bill Russell, Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutombo have to do with Cyber Security?  Great question!  First you should probably know that these three men are widely viewed as the top shot blockers in NBA history. … Read more

The First Step of Preparedness is Awareness

“Seriously dad! That’s SO 2010!” My daughter’s comment echoed in my head.  “What?  You’re 7!”  How did this happen?  How old am I?  It seems like just yesterday I was standing around the office discussing Y2K.  I remember the humming… Read more

What do the new iPad 3 and the new National Geographic show “Doomsday Preppers” have in common?

I’m not really sure, but the title sounded catchy! Actually, I do know…… I’m not on board with the Theories of Nostradamus, nor was I worried about the Rapture predictions last year from Harold Camping predicting that the world would… Read more

Ready or Not, It’s Time for Corporate America to Address Social Media

This past month I attended an e-discovery conference and sat in on one of the sessions that covered social media in Corporate America.  It made sense that I attend this session because at some point over the past five years I had been anointed a,… Read more