December 1, 2020

Case Planning: Don’t Learn the Hard Way

There have been many instances in my life when I have learned things the hard way.  These are the most significant lessons because of the sting that keeps you from making the same mistakes again. As an adult, I wish I had the wisdom and maturity… Read more

Work Smarter Not Harder

When you jump online and search for something, do you love that the search engine is smart enough to recognize the phrase and try to finish it for you?  How about this one . . . you’re shopping online and suddenly you’re directed to what… Read more

Intelligent Review? Now We’re Getting Somewhere!

Let’s face it, I can be real with you and we can agree that despite my ongoing efforts to incorporate change into your workflow, this is really not what we signed up for.  I didn’t sign up for this either, but here’s a newsflash; the… Read more

Back to Basics

In order to be successful incorporating technology into your legal practice, we all know communication is key, but you must also take a step back and understand the workflow and how it will be applied to the new tools.  Years ago when I first… Read more

Keeping It Together – Tracking Tasks and Decisions Related to eDiscovery

The litigation team has long been the source of support to the litigators themselves.  Back when I still worked in the firm, if my attorney turned around to look at me in the courtroom, I knew I’d better have exactly what he needed waiting in my… Read more

E-Discovery 101: 5 Tips to Help You Keep It Short and Simple (“KISS”)

I don’t know one person that enjoys participating in something they aren’t very good at.  I roll my eyes every time we visit some friends that want to play Trivial Pursuit.  The reason I frown at playing that game is because I’m not very… Read more