January 25, 2021

Who DAT!? – “Tips from the Trainers” Series

Much to my wife’s (and other Saints fans’) disappointment, this post is not about football.  No, it’s about DAT files, the standard type of load file that is created from some legal review applications – such as Relativity and Concordance…. Read more

Stop Going “Over” the Top – eDiscovery Software to Trim eDiscovery

Some of the most common complaints I run across when it comes to the eDiscovery process concern the cost and time it takes to handle document review for a case. As I delve into the details of these complaints, I usually find that there’s a good… Read more

Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time, if you lived in Greenville, SC and needed to get yourself to Asheville, NC, you would have two choices for transportation: If you were lucky enough to own a horse or mule, you could have it get you where you needed to go, or… Read more

Conversations at ILTA 2012

Last week, I was one of the AccessData Group’s team members that attended the ILTA 2012 Annual Conference in National Harbor, MD. Obviously, we were excited to be showing off the new releases of our AD eDiscovery and Summation products, but I want… Read more

Data, Data, Everywhere!

With apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, I want to take a few moments to track what happens to data that is sent to a law firm, or vendor, as part of the discovery process, and challenge us all to think about the implications of how many copies of… Read more