January 25, 2021

Bring E-Discovery Hardware In-House for More Control, Flexibility and Improved Results

Today’s e-discovery software platforms are the most powerful and efficient the industry has experienced. With advanced, behind the firewall deployments, customers have the ability to deploy litigation holds, execute full or targeted collections,… Read more

Loading in Summation – Easy as 1, 2, 3…

With the newly released Summation PRO 4.1 I think I have done hundreds of product demonstrations in the last month alone. The most common question that I get is, “How do I load data into Summation PRO and how does it differ from loading data into… Read more

Cloud Solutions Can Make Sense for Modern Legal Review

In today’s legal review process, the ability to quickly analyze data and gain insight into that data is what allows a law firm to differentiate itself and beat its opponents. However, in reality law firms are overwhelmed with the amount of data… Read more

Twitter + Libel = “Twibel”

What is it about social media that makes grown men and women rant, gossip, and whine like little kids at a slumber party? Is it the anytime access, the desire to shock and awe, the ease of use, or our own narcissism taking control? My mom always… Read more

The Seventh Circuit Electronic Discovery Pilot Program

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of chairing and speaking at IQPC’s 2nd Annual eDiscovery Canada Summit in Toronto, Ontario. The Summit had some excellent content, as well as very informative open discussions on a wide variety of topics during… Read more