November 29, 2020

Our Support for iBlaze will continue. Period.

Last week, Barry Murphy at eDiscovery Journal wrote a great blog post about how AccessData will continue to support our heritage product iBlaze indefinitely – and we want to comment. You may be wondering, “Now, why is this newsworthy? Isn’t there… Read more

Technology Assisted Review – The Gavel Has Sounded

Over the past twelve months, at least five courts have dealt with the use of technology-assisted review (also known as “predictive coding”) as a means of identifying responsive documents requested during the discovery phase of criminal and civil… Read more

The Intersection of GRC, Cyber-Security & Legal: How to Triple Your ROI in E-Discovery Technology

Those with a clear view into the future of e-discovery are noticing that the line between established e-discovery processes and other business functions that span the area of a “digital investigation” are blurring.   Many organizations… Read more

The 7 Deadly Sins of Information Governance

If you’re like me the mere mention of information management evokes a somewhat glazed and wholly disinterested response.  I would rather call into a technical support phone tree for a dial-up modem than discuss the theory behind multidisciplinary… Read more

2012 Olympics Magnify the Importance of Implementing a Social Media Policy

Okay, I admit it, I’m addicted. I watched nearly all 6 hours of opening games coverage and spent the better part of this past weekend glued to the couch.  I’ll watch the prelims, the qualification rounds and the warm-ups.  It’s the drama,… Read more

Rebirth of Summation

Twenty-five years is a long time.  It sounds even longer when you say “a quarter century.”  A quarter century brings words, like longevity, stability, permanence and dependability (checking my thesaurus… yep, that’s it). Did you know… Read more

Is $1.3M Worth Having Your Ethics Questioned?

“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.“ -Justice Potter Stewart   You know what I like most about standards, the fact that there are so many to choose from.  You have IEEE… Read more

E-Discovery Times Are a Changin’…Or Are They?

I just had time to sit down and digest the annual Fulbright and Jaworski Litigation Trends Report for 2011 and it gave me much food for thought. For example, only 6% of the respondents correctly predicted a decrease in litigation in the 2010 survey,… Read more

Is Per Gig Pricing Dead? Let’s Hope So….

Ben Kerschberg, from Consero Group LLC, recently authored an article for on one of my favorite topics…the per gig pricing model.  AccessData’s sentiments on this antiquated per pound archetype is well known.  Mr. Kerschberg covers… Read more

Recommind’s “Predictive Coding” Patent: More PR Than IP

Since Recommind officially announced the decision by the US Patent and Trademark Office to award the company a patent for what its press release termed a “Workflow and Technology for Computer-Assisted Document Analysis and Review”, the… Read more