August 9, 2020

Top 5 Predictions for E-Discovery in 2014

I’ve been involved at some level within the e-discovery world since 1999. That’s almost 15 years’ worth of watching our industry develop and evolve new technologies, weed out the vendors and weaker companies (I’m looking at you, 2 guys and a… Read more

Gearing up for E-Discovery in 2013; How to Prepare and What to Expect

With the holidays and 2012 safely in the rear-view mirror, it’s now time to turn our attention to what to prepare for in 2013. The best plan is try and get a jump start before the annual e-discovery conventions rear their gigantic heads and we… Read more

e-Discovery Trade Shows – What Do We Really Learn?

“Really? Forensic Software? You got the wrong guy pal, I need e-discovery software.” You know that moment when you realize a whole industry has become too smart for itself (or in some cases not smart enough)? You’ll know it when you see and… Read more

2012 Mid Year e-Discovery Technology Reflections: Much Ado about Buzz Words

When listening to various colleagues across this industry, it never fails to impress me to hear a new battle cry taken up in the realm of “Buzz Words”. The buzz words realm is a great one to be in, because frankly to the unsuspecting masses who… Read more