January 25, 2021

Introducing the Insight Platform™: Enterprise Intelligence Across the Organization

Today AccessData is extremely excited to announce our newest innovation, a creation which realizes our long-term goal of providing a truly comprehensive investigative platform. We are calling it the InSight Platform, a name meant to convey the objectives it will meet. Our primary goal is to provide users true insight into their network from a single, integrated platform. To that end, the Insight Platform is one, integrated solution that provides the full capabilities of all of our enterprise-class products, including CIRT (Cyber Intelligence & Response Technology), SilentRunner, AD Lab, AD eDiscovery and Summation. Using this singular platform, a customer can solve business problems ranging from cyber-security threat detection all the way through to e-discovery — and virtually everything in between.

Given this is just another product announcement, you might be wondering why I would bother to post a blog on it.  A blog really isn’t the correct forum for what is essentially a press release. However, the reason I believe this is blog-worthy is because I think this is the first major step in delivering on AccessData’s vision of popularizing a new data incident and response market segment, in the form of a new breed of cybersecurity and enterprise intelligence solutions.

With the InSight Platform, there are literally no technological barriers that separate legal departments from IT, and no technological barriers that differentiate a cyber breach investigation from an e-discovery investigation. Although you may select a group of computers to keyword search across file systems when conducting an e-discovery investigation, and select a different group of computers to search across memory when conducting a cyber-security investigation, everything else is the same: the interface is the same, the reporting options are the same, the data is held in the same system and the filtering and analysis capabilities are the same.  Essentially, this platform provides one source for complete investigative access to and visibility across an organization’s entire universe of data.  That’s a big deal.

Not only does the InSight Platform deliver unparalleled investigative capabilities, but it also provides extensive permissioning capabilities, allowing the administrator to ensure that each user only accesses and utilizes features appropriate to them.  Robust security and ease-of-use were top of mind when we designed and built the InSight Platform.

It is my hope and my belief that as customers see this new platform, they will immediately recognize the power a true investigative solution provides — as compared to a group of disparate point products for cyber security, forensics investigations, and e-discovery. It is my hope that, in under a decade, we will be reading and talking about how the InSight Platform was the first major step forward in the introduction of a true investigative market.

Tim Leehealey

Tim Leehealey is Chairman and CEO of AccessData. Prior to joining AccessData he was VP of Corporate Development at Guidance Software. Prior to that he was an investment banking analyst covering the security market at Wedbush Morgan.

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