January 25, 2021

Finding Incriminating Evidence On Your Mobile Device

For the first time, one billion smartphones were shipped worldwide in a single year in 2013 according to a report by International Data Corp. (IDC). Imagine the terabytes of mobile data accumulating from emails, texts, photos, applications, call history, data logs and social media that lie on these devices. Factor in company-owned and BYOD devices used by hundreds or thousands of employees. So when a large legal investigation, litigation or data breach occurs, organizations are faced with a monstrous e-discovery task.

So, how do legal and security professionals begin to collect, analyze and identify the critical mobile information needed for their investigation. A recent AccessData Ponemon survey found that eighty five percent of IT security practitioners rate the investigation of mobile devices as difficult. Fifty nine percent of the respondents say they are unable or unsure of how to conduct mobile e-discovery investigations.

Traditionally, legal or security teams hire external consulting firms to assist with the investigation. This entails many hours of costly counsel, resources and process inefficiencies that prolong the time it takes to discover the information or response needed. In contrast, innovative companies like Blue Shield have brought e-Discovery solutions in-house, increased the collaboration between legal and security teams to use automated and comprehensive e-discovery tools.

At this week’s LegalTech New York, we are meeting with law firms, legal and security professionals to share best practices, demo our newest forensic and e-Discovery solutions and lend our expertise to address their big data investigative challenges. Our new Managed In-House E-Discovery offering brings e-Discovery solutions into their own networks combined with the on-demand services, expertise and support by AccessData professionals.

As for the pesky big data mobile challenge, we made it easy and effective to find a gold mine of hidden evidence with Mobile Phone Examiner Plus. MPE+ enables comprehensive data collection, analysis and review across over seven thousand devices including Android and iOS. It interoperates with the full range of AccessData legal solutions. Now, lawyers and legal investigators have the advanced e-Discovery solutions for improved mobile data collection and intelligence to find discoverable evidence quickly.

Join us at LegalTech New York through this Thursday, Feb. 6th, AccessData booth #1303 – 1305, The Hilton New York City

Caitlin Murphy

Caitlin Murphy is Director of Marketing for the Access Data Group, where she manages all aspects of legal marketing and consults on product design for the AD Summation line. She is a product and industry expert as well as an attorney and member of the California State Bar. Before joining AccessData, Caitlin spent five years working for CT Summation as a product evangelist in both San Francisco and London. Caitlin raised Summation’s brand profile by making numerous presentations to all levels of American and European legal professionals and by conducting over 50 thought leadership seminars in 30 states. Prior to entering the e-Discovery field, Caitlin practiced civil litigation with the San Francisco bay area law firms Kazan, McClain, Lyons, Greenwood & Harley and Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein. She received her J.D. from the University of California Hastings College of the Law and holds a B.A. in United States History from the University of California at Davis.

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