January 15, 2021

On the Road: Digital Forensics Education Today

During my latest trip on the road I visited with some of AccessData’s clients and several prospective clients, some of which were colleges and universities. It was during my visits with these colleges and universities that I learned just what a gap existed in terms of the tools used in the curriculum versus what was actually now available for use once students graduated and set off to begin their career in digital forensics.

While the schools that have programs addressing digital forensics can easily be viewed as forward thinking and progressive, and many of the schools have had these programs for years, what was becoming glaringly obvious is that many of these universities were still using tools that were designed 4, 5 or even 6 years ago!

While the general basics related to digital forensics remains somewhat the same, aside from obvious advancements in technology, what is ever-changing are the tools that are needed to continuously be developed and enhanced in order to keep up with the evolving technology. So if you are seeking an Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree in Computer Forensics, it is imperative that you are armed with the latest technology or you’ll only be slightly prepared for what awaits you in the “real world” where the practical use and knowledge of these tools is imperative.

As an example…… if you showed up to the first day of your new accounting position having only used an abacus to work on while receiving your accounting degree….. Chances are you wouldn’t last too long in your new role!

Recognizing this shortcoming, AccessData has recently rolled out a new University Support Program, designed to solve for this disconnect between the ever changing technology needs of the students and what the universities/colleges are able to provide for them. Many times it’s not an unwillingness by the university or college to embrace the new tools, but more so a lack of hardware in which to run these tools on.

AccessData’s Professional staff produces the most current course material and topics on a per semester basis for the school. Material is available to the student thru a secure hosted website in the form of videos, and PowerPoint presentations. Students log in to a virtual classroom to view material via an AccessData hosted website. The most important piece of the puzzle is that students are learning best practices from actual digital investigators using the latest technology with the latest use cases to study from.

So far, everyone I’ve had conversations with about this new program has loved it. We already have a backlog of colleges, universities that are requesting more information on how to learn more about getting this instituted for this Fall Semester and many more who are planning on rolling this out in the Spring of 2014.

For more information about our University Support Program, contact us at sales@accessdata.com or give us a call at 801.377.5410.

Rob Jones

Rob Jones is a Corporate Account Manager for AccessData and focuses on strategic partnerships with eDiscovery Service Providers in the Northeast. Rob assists eDiscovery Service Providers by providing solutions for cyber security, forensic collections, ediscovery processing and litigation review. Before joining AccessData, Rob spent ten years consulting with financial institutions on products and services that would help enhance their web presence. Rob was recognized in late 2010 as being a thought leader in the area of social media marketing and online based marketing initiatives for his extensive experience working with organizations to help manage both web page optimization as well as social media presence. On a yearly basis Rob has consulted with websites whose total monthly visitors reach nearly 480 million views.

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