January 25, 2021

Our Support for iBlaze will continue. Period.

Last week, Barry Murphy at eDiscovery Journal wrote a great blog post about how AccessData will continue to support our heritage product iBlaze indefinitely – and we want to comment. You may be wondering, “Now, why is this newsworthy? Isn’t there some hot new technology or snappy judicial put-down to report? Hasn’t some ridiculous someone deleted something you wouldn’t be able to believe was deleted?” Well the answer is obvious; topics aren’t newsworthy when they are commonplace. They’re only worth writing about when they tell an unexpected story.

And the story here is, yes, AccessData absolutely wants you to upgrade to the new Summation 5.0. We absolutely believe that the new product will streamline your workflows, support your e-discovery efforts better and save you time and money. HOWEVER, if you’re not ready to take the next step today, we’re not going to abandon you. We value you and we are committed to supporting your organization. Our support of iBlaze will continue. Period.

So let’s put to bed any remaining rumors swirling around about AccessData cutting people off from a product they depend on. That’s not our philosophy or our way of doing business. As Murphy’s blog states, “a strong support department is an indication of a mature software company that values its customers.” We hope that it’s clear we value you and will keep supporting you, no matter what version you use.

In the meantime, as you continue to use iBlaze and enjoy our support for it, visit us at our webpage and learn more about what could be next for you. As good as iBlaze has been to you, we promise it only gets better.



Devin Krugly

Devin Krugly is the VP of Marketing and Business Development at AccessData. He joined AccessData from ExxonMobil to guide the growth of the company’s marketing initiatives, lead generation and to modernize the company’s global VAR and partnership network. Prior to his current role, Devin led several large multi-million dollar solution design and implementation projects for the world’s largest publically traded company, ExxonMobil. His most recent experience was a three year effort to grow an in-house e-discovery team with proper tools to successfully execute data collection and processing related to litigation. The scope of that project included a year-long process to evaluate potential vendors which led to 24 months of assessing fit and purpose of an e-discovery team and design of an IT infrastructure to support the team’s activities. Prior to his role with ExxonMobil, Devin held a position with Halliburton in their Global IT Security department working on NISPOM compliance and developing best practices related to government classified information. Devin also served in the US Army and was deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina in support of operation Joint Endeavor/Joint Guard during peace-keeping operations in that region.

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