December 3, 2020

ILTA 2013: The Future is Here, it is Mobile and it is not yet Secure – but there are Solutions

      Hello, eDiscoveryInsight Readers! This week, we will be treating you to four posts about last week’s ILTA Catalyst 2013.  As your intrepid reporter, I found the entire conference to be well beyond my capacity to… Read more

Our Support for iBlaze will continue. Period.

Last week, Barry Murphy at eDiscovery Journal wrote a great blog post about how AccessData will continue to support our heritage product iBlaze indefinitely – and we want to comment. You may be wondering, “Now, why is this newsworthy? Isn’t there… Read more

E-Discovery – A Way of Reducing the Cost of Litigation

The legal sector is currently going through one of the most significant transformations in its history. The downturn in the economy is reducing the overall volume of legal work, and factors like the introduction of Alternative Business… Read more