November 29, 2020

Stop Going “Over” the Top – eDiscovery Software to Trim eDiscovery

Some of the most common complaints I run across when it comes to the eDiscovery process concern the cost and time it takes to handle document review for a case. As I delve into the details of these complaints, I usually find that there’s a good… Read more

FTK x Summation: Meet Me at the Crossroads

The eDiscovery market has created an intersection between traditional investigative technologies and methodologies with those in the attorney review arena.  Previously these two segments of the overall eDiscovery process were viewed as wildly… Read more

Cyber Security is Not a Game

  Ok, so what do Bill Russell, Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutombo have to do with Cyber Security?  Great question!  First you should probably know that these three men are widely viewed as the top shot blockers in NBA history. … Read more