December 3, 2020

Introducing Our InfoSecInsight Blog: A New Perspective

Written by Tim Leehealey on our new blog about digital investigation, cyber security, and the surrounding issues, processes, and techonology:

“As the first article on our newly introduced security blog “InfoSecInsight”, I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce AccessData and shed some light on who we are and how we play in the security market. AccessData is best known as a provider of forensics and e-discovery software solutions. We make both FTK®, the leading digital forensics software solution, and Summation®, a leading legal review product, and we are arguably the largest provider of behind-the-firewall, comprehensive e-discovery solutions. If you are asking yourself how those products qualify us to talk about or even say the word security you are definitely not alone. The links between security, forensics and e-discovery are not always obvious….”

Read the rest of the article here.

Tim Leehealey

Tim Leehealey is Chairman and CEO of AccessData. Prior to joining AccessData he was VP of Corporate Development at Guidance Software. Prior to that he was an investment banking analyst covering the security market at Wedbush Morgan.

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