January 15, 2021

Is BYOD Privacy an Oxymoron?

BYOD is so great for so many reasons (For individuals: fewer things to carry around, everything in one place, no device confusion, you can use your shiny new phone more often. For corporations: less expensive, less need for support/IT, fewer whiny… Read more

SummationPro and Paper Document Handling, Practical Tips and Tricks

Hello again people of the E-Discovery Insight world! As always, I try to give you folks practical tips that are aimed at making attorneys’, paralegals’, and lit support specialists’ everyday lives easier. My blog post for today may actually be… Read more

Who DAT!? – “Tips from the Trainers” Series

Much to my wife’s (and other Saints fans’) disappointment, this post is not about football.  No, it’s about DAT files, the standard type of load file that is created from some legal review applications – such as Relativity and Concordance…. Read more

Case Planning: Don’t Learn the Hard Way

There have been many instances in my life when I have learned things the hard way.  These are the most significant lessons because of the sting that keeps you from making the same mistakes again. As an adult, I wish I had the wisdom and maturity… Read more

On the Road: Digital Forensics Education Today

During my latest trip on the road I visited with some of AccessData’s clients and several prospective clients, some of which were colleges and universities. It was during my visits with these colleges and universities that I learned just what a… Read more

Sit Back and Visualize

To learn more about data visualization, join this AccessData-sponsored webinar at EDRM.net live today at 1pm CT or any time afterward as an archived recording. When’s the last time you checked Facebook or Instagram? As I scroll through my feeds,… Read more

ILTA 2013: The Future is Here, it is Mobile and it is not yet Secure – but there are Solutions

      Hello, eDiscoveryInsight Readers! This week, we will be treating you to four posts about last week’s ILTA Catalyst 2013.  As your intrepid reporter, I found the entire conference to be well beyond my capacity to… Read more

Our Support for iBlaze will continue. Period.

Last week, Barry Murphy at eDiscovery Journal wrote a great blog post about how AccessData will continue to support our heritage product iBlaze indefinitely – and we want to comment. You may be wondering, “Now, why is this newsworthy? Isn’t there… Read more

E-Discovery – A Way of Reducing the Cost of Litigation

The legal sector is currently going through one of the most significant transformations in its history. The downturn in the economy is reducing the overall volume of legal work, and factors like the introduction of Alternative Business… Read more

Technology Assisted Review – The Gavel Has Sounded

Over the past twelve months, at least five courts have dealt with the use of technology-assisted review (also known as “predictive coding”) as a means of identifying responsive documents requested during the discovery phase of criminal and civil… Read more