August 9, 2020

No Fear and Loathing at the AccessData User’s Conference in Las Vegas

Mikki Tomlinson and I were lucky to go to the AccessData Users Conference (ADUC) two weeks ago in Las Vegas.  Now it doesn’t take a great deal to get me to Vegas as I am a competitive poker player when I’m not working on the eDJ Group or the… Read more

The eDiscovery Arms Race II

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote my original blog post, the eDiscovery Arms Race and Tales from the Trenches.  Since then the competitive landscape has changed.  As predicted there has been consolidation; Symantec acquired Clearwell, HP acquired… Read more

Cloud Solutions Can Make Sense for Modern Legal Review

In today’s legal review process, the ability to quickly analyze data and gain insight into that data is what allows a law firm to differentiate itself and beat its opponents. However, in reality law firms are overwhelmed with the amount of data… Read more

E-Discovery is About Trust and Transparency

It should come as no surprise to anyone that e-discovery is more than anything about trust and transparency. Because the results of any collection or review are likely to end up in court, it is paramount that customers both understand the way a… Read more

Data, Data, Everywhere!

With apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, I want to take a few moments to track what happens to data that is sent to a law firm, or vendor, as part of the discovery process, and challenge us all to think about the implications of how many copies of… Read more

Criminal Law: The Fairness in Disclosure of Evidence of 2012

I remember when I was in law school, a close friend wanted to be a criminal defense attorney. When he would mention this at the cafeteria lunch table, the reaction was always the same: “Really, you want to represent criminals?”  “Sure they… Read more

EDRM Buyer’s Guide Part V – Collection

This week we are posting an excerpt from our recently published EDRM Buyer’s Guide; a phase-by phase walkthrough and checklist created by a former Litigation Project Manager using guidelines developed during implementation of a top oil and gas… Read more

Criminal Defense Series Part I: Tips for Handling E-Discovery when Representing a CJA Defendant

Criminal Defense Series: Notice of the JETWG’s Release of ESI Protocols In 2008, a Federal Court in United States v. Graham dismissed a criminal charge due to the government’s failure to produce its electronic discovery timely and… Read more

What do the new iPad 3 and the new National Geographic show “Doomsday Preppers” have in common?

I’m not really sure, but the title sounded catchy! Actually, I do know…… I’m not on board with the Theories of Nostradamus, nor was I worried about the Rapture predictions last year from Harold Camping predicting that the world would… Read more

New Summation Hardware & Architecture

For those of you who don’t know me, I should probably start with a quick introduction.  My name is Scott Lefton and I’m Sales Engineer with AccessData.  For almost 10 years I’ve been in Litigation Support, some folks call me a “Summation… Read more