January 15, 2021

Loading in Summation – Easy as 1, 2, 3…

With the newly released Summation PRO 4.1 I think I have done hundreds of product demonstrations in the last month alone. The most common question that I get is, “How do I load data into Summation PRO and how does it differ from loading data into iBlaze and Enterprise?” I just tell people it’s as easy as counting to three.

Current Summation users will be glad to hear that with the newly redesigned Summation Review Platform you can directly load and process 700+ data types and associated metadata through a newly designed three part import wizard. These data types include Evidence Image Files, Native Program Formats, Native Email Formats and DII Load files.

So what does that really mean? Well it means that you can just point Summation at the data you receive from clients or other firms and it will load, process and identify the data as easy as a hot knife slices through butter.

Just choose the type of Data you want to load. (Protip: The “Evidence” button loads Native information and the “Import” button loads Load Files.)


With the Import function a user can import DII or CSV file formats using a simple and easy-to-follow wizard. Just follow the steps and prompts and you are ready to begin building your case.


With the Evidence wizard you can load native file formats, native email formats and evidence image files directly. During loading you can easily assign custodians to their information by using the immediate children, folder import or individual files(s) options in the tool. This way you can cull, search and filter using the custodian moniker in the review mode.

This is by no means a complete list, but you can get a good idea of the most common formats we import:

Evidence Image File Formats Include:
AD1 – AccessData Forensic Image File, E01 – Encase Forensic Image File, AFF (Advanced Forensic Format) – Open format Forensic Image File

Native File Formats include:
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG, PCX, PGM, TIFF, HTML, BMP, DAT, EXE, GIF, MP3, MPE, MPEG, PCX, PPS, TXT, WMV, ZIP, WPS, LOTUS 123, Quattro PRO, Corel, Harvard Graphics and so on…..

Native Email Formats:
Microsoft Exchange Database (EDB), Microsoft Outlook (MSG), Microsoft Outlook Express (EML), Microsoft Outlook Forms Template (OFT), Microsoft Outlook PST, Microsoft Outlook PST (MAC), Outlook Express (DBX), Netscape RFC 833, Outlook Express (DBX), EML (Microsoft Internet Mail, Earthlink, Thunderbird, Quickmail, etc), IBM Lotus Notes Domino XML, Language DXL, Eudora, Encoded mail messages and so on…..

Once you know the type of data you are loading just follow the 3-step process and watch as your data is loaded right before your eyes.

Step 1: Just choose your processing options….

Step 2: Just choose your loading options….

Importing DII or CSV

Importing Native information

Step 3: Just choose the folders or files you want to load….

For more information about loading Evidence Image Files, Native Program Formats, Native Email Formats and DII Load files please visit our dedicated Summation Product website for additional documentation. And if you want a more in-depth look at how to load data in Summation, check out our live and on-demand training as well.

Keith Schrodt

Keith Schrodt is Director of Product Marketing & Strategy for AccessData Group. In this role, he leads the marketing direction and strategic vision for AD’s eDiscovery products and solutions. Keith is also a featured guest speaker on electronic discovery and evidence best practices at industry conferences, bar associations, law firms, corporations, special interests groups and other organizations. Prior to this role, Keith spent eight years as a senior member of AccessData’s Business Development Team, where he led strategic business initiatives and advanced AccessData’s award-winning portfolio of litigation support and eDiscovery solutions across global sales channels. Prior to joining AccessData, Keith held VP positions at two investment banking firms where he specialized in M&A and Commercial Real Estate transactions for multi-billion dollar portfolios. Prior to receiving his law degree, Keith managed a successful sales career for over ten years at leading technology companies including Nortel, Fujitsu, Alcatel, and several private start-ups. He achieved industry awards and recognition for his outstanding sales performance with overall sales totaling in the hundreds of millions. Keith received his E.M.B.A from Southern Methodist University in 2014, his J.D. from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in 2004, and his B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Texas in 1994.

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