November 29, 2020

Are you using a spoon to dig an eDiscovery ditch?

A few times a month a client will call up asking for assistance with reviewing and producing emails. They explain that they “received an email file from their client and then we reviewed in Microsoft Outlook and now certain emails need to be… Read more

The Machine Learning/Predictive Coding Silver Bullet

It is my great hope that the title of this blog oozes sarcasm, but my fear is that it does not. The e-discovery market is definitely not immune to the overzealous efforts of marketing departments, and that dynamic is on full display with the… Read more

e-Discovery Trade Shows – What Do We Really Learn?

“Really? Forensic Software? You got the wrong guy pal, I need e-discovery software.” You know that moment when you realize a whole industry has become too smart for itself (or in some cases not smart enough)? You’ll know it when you see and… Read more

Conversations at ILTA 2012

Last week, I was one of the AccessData Group’s team members that attended the ILTA 2012 Annual Conference in National Harbor, MD. Obviously, we were excited to be showing off the new releases of our AD eDiscovery and Summation products, but I want… Read more