January 15, 2021

Are You Guilty of Spoliation of E-Discovery Evidence?

My name is Scott Lefton and I’m a spoliator… And you might be too… For those of you who might not know what “spoliation” is, here’s one definition: – Spoliation of evidence From Wikipedia Spoliation of evidence is the intentional or… Read more

Show Me the Money – Proposed Rule Changes Take on the Spiraling Costs of Discovery

In 2013, suggested changes to discovery rules on both sides of the Atlantic highlight the increasing concerns shared by Americans and their British neighbors over litigation costs, as well as each region’s unique attempts to address them. … Read more

The Evolution of Attorney Review

Discovery continues to evolve, sometimes gradually, sometimes much too quickly. It wasn’t that long ago that discovery involved pulling dusty bankers’ boxes stuffed with client files out of the store room. Lawyers would then wade through reams… Read more