November 29, 2020

2012 Olympics Magnify the Importance of Implementing a Social Media Policy

Okay, I admit it, I’m addicted. I watched nearly all 6 hours of opening games coverage and spent the better part of this past weekend glued to the couch.  I’ll watch the prelims, the qualification rounds and the warm-ups.  It’s the drama,… Read more

Preparation = Confidence = Victory

I both love and hate it when AccessData gets to eat its own dog food. I love it because I think we sell superior products and I like to show our customers that we can utilize them to produce superior results. I hate it for the obvious reason: that… Read more

Back to Basics

In order to be successful incorporating technology into your legal practice, we all know communication is key, but you must also take a step back and understand the workflow and how it will be applied to the new tools.  Years ago when I first… Read more