December 3, 2020

Rebirth of Summation

Twenty-five years is a long time.  It sounds even longer when you say “a quarter century.”  A quarter century brings words, like longevity, stability, permanence and dependability (checking my thesaurus… yep, that’s it). Did you know that’s how long AccessData and Summation have been in the business of making software?  That’s longer than Google (14 years in Sept.) and literally decades more mature than our closest competitor(s).

We announced the rebirth of the Summation product line this week.  Summation has been overhauled to meet the demands of contemporary litigation and is the first to offer comprehensive processing, full early case assessment functionality and a rich final review platform all within a single product.  We achieved this vision by integrating the best features of Summation with AccessData’s core technology then wrapped it in a contemporary browser based interface. We then sprinkled in some kick-butt software engineering to overhaul the experience and intuitive use.  This effectively frees clients from limits on data capacity, if they choose. It also allows AccessData to offer the only product in its class without knock-on fees related to data volume or throughput.  I like to call it “all you can eat.”  This release is really a milestone for a product that many an attorney and paralegal have used since entering the practice of law.

I should assure everyone that we haven’t forgotten about the product’s heritage audience either.  An insightful article recently published by a long time Summation advocate effectively asks, “what about the little guy and the smaller case.”  The posting accurately states that most litigation in the US, is not the multi-million dollar headline grabbing news of the Judge Scheindlin’s of the world.  Most litigation is practiced by solo practitioners and small firms that typically have limited IT budgets.  Summation has historically met the attorney review needs of these smaller firms. The NEW Summation now solves a far greater range of those EDD (electronic data discovery) challenges in an integrated, intuitive platform at a price point no one else can match.  As the venerable Craig Ball has pointed out (may require registration with LTN) we also make a free software application called FTK Imager that can support single-instance front end collection needs, ensuring effective chain of custody and proper data preservation.  All this by a single company???

Near term releases of the redesigned Summation product will include advanced cluster analysis and computer assisted coding.  It’s an exciting time to be a part of AccessData.  While I’d like to think humility is a virtue of myself and my AccessData family, this release is certainly worth taking a moment to reflect on the journey to date, and the exciting road ahead.  I invite you to take a minute and ReDiscover Summation today.

Ohhh… before I go. Support for the heritage Summation products including WebBlaze, iBlaze and Summation Enterprise will continue indefinitely for those clients current on their SMS or subscription. We understand the realities of the day to day. Know too, we will be there to assist with a smooth migration and transition when the time is right.

Devin Krugly

Devin Krugly is the VP of Marketing and Business Development at AccessData. He joined AccessData from ExxonMobil to guide the growth of the company’s marketing initiatives, lead generation and to modernize the company’s global VAR and partnership network. Prior to his current role, Devin led several large multi-million dollar solution design and implementation projects for the world’s largest publically traded company, ExxonMobil. His most recent experience was a three year effort to grow an in-house e-discovery team with proper tools to successfully execute data collection and processing related to litigation. The scope of that project included a year-long process to evaluate potential vendors which led to 24 months of assessing fit and purpose of an e-discovery team and design of an IT infrastructure to support the team’s activities. Prior to his role with ExxonMobil, Devin held a position with Halliburton in their Global IT Security department working on NISPOM compliance and developing best practices related to government classified information. Devin also served in the US Army and was deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina in support of operation Joint Endeavor/Joint Guard during peace-keeping operations in that region.

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