October 20, 2020

Will the Real Autonomy Please Step Forward?

Before I begin the process of effectively piling on to what is obviously a very unfortunate situation, I want to say a few things about HP in general. Despite all the negative things I have seen in the press over the last few years regarding HP,… Read more

Cluster Analysis 101 – Or, “This is Not Your Mom’s Summation”

If you haven’t noticed yet I tend to address most of my blog posts to the IBlaze crowd; the tireless paralegals and lit-support staffers working in the law firm trenches. That’s because I feel most comfortable talking to that group since I used to… Read more

Lawyers Talking About System Security

For reasons obvious to some – certainly to a good number of my own colleagues here at AccessData – the collision between the previously insular worlds of security and lawyers is making headlines and conference agendas with unprecedented… Read more

Loading in Summation – Easy as 1, 2, 3…

With the newly released Summation PRO 4.1 I think I have done hundreds of product demonstrations in the last month alone. The most common question that I get is, “How do I load data into Summation PRO and how does it differ from loading data into… Read more

Reviewing the Web: What to do When the Evidence is Online

The timeline of legal evidence review is dotted with milestones and watersheds. It used to be that when you filed a lawsuit or were sued, there were a few predictable ways to get evidence. You interviewed witnesses, you took depositions and you… Read more

The 7 Deadly Sins of Information Governance

If you’re like me the mere mention of information management evokes a somewhat glazed and wholly disinterested response.  I would rather call into a technical support phone tree for a dial-up modem than discuss the theory behind multidisciplinary… Read more

Are you using a spoon to dig an eDiscovery ditch?

A few times a month a client will call up asking for assistance with reviewing and producing emails. They explain that they “received an email file from their client and then we reviewed in Microsoft Outlook and now certain emails need to be… Read more

The Machine Learning/Predictive Coding Silver Bullet

It is my great hope that the title of this blog oozes sarcasm, but my fear is that it does not. The e-discovery market is definitely not immune to the overzealous efforts of marketing departments, and that dynamic is on full display with the… Read more

e-Discovery Trade Shows – What Do We Really Learn?

“Really? Forensic Software? You got the wrong guy pal, I need e-discovery software.” You know that moment when you realize a whole industry has become too smart for itself (or in some cases not smart enough)? You’ll know it when you see and… Read more

Conversations at ILTA 2012

Last week, I was one of the AccessData Group’s team members that attended the ILTA 2012 Annual Conference in National Harbor, MD. Obviously, we were excited to be showing off the new releases of our AD eDiscovery and Summation products, but I want… Read more